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The DOMES International Architecture Review held the “Room 18” Pan-European Design Competition. The competition had as its subject the designing of the interior of a typical bedroom in a Greek four-star urban hotel of a total area of 18 – 24m2 whose basic characteristics were determined by the specifications of GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organisation).

Those who participated were called upon to present ways of creatively re-interpreting and transcending these specifications in a response to the likely wishes and expectations of the contemporary traveller.

The aim of the competition was the creation of a pool of revitalising ideas on the architecture of hospitality. Architects, interior designers, decorators, stage-set designers, composers of art installations and creative artists in any branch were entitled to participate. The exhibition will present all the entries to the competition, as submitted, and the three prize-winning entries, realised on scale of 1:1 at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece 23/11 -11/12/2016.

In collaboration with architect Yianna Chiras we presented two proposals:

1) Proposal 1

The mixed media collage is a combination of a found photograph from the ‘Belle Époque’ period with decorative elements. The artwork is aiming at giving a link to a sensuous dreamy scene and offering the viewer an image of relaxation. The sensual position of a woman in the photograph surrounded by decorative elements mainly in bright green, turquoise hues provokes a narrative open for interpretation by the viewer. The colours are carefully chosen to incorporate the image to a delicate, seductively-tinted artwork. Moths in ruby red colour are part of the dialogue of the viewer with his feelings. Triggering an emotional state of no specific memories, this artwork is framed within a past era and manifests as an attempt to recreate it. The flowery background is created to celebrate this strolling into emotions. “A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

project1a 1 | Anna Gerolymatou

2) Proposal 2

Visual motifs inspired by the inner world, the only true source of meaning and purpose. Curvilinear shapes, illegible hand-drawn type of shapes and random lines inspired by molecular geometry make the soul communicate, convey the mood, emphasise and create entry points. These shapes come under an endless variety of characteristics each communicating different messages to the audience. Circles, squares, triangles, diamonds are made up of regular patterns. This regularity suggests organisation structure but they have also a free and asymmetrical form which conveys feelings of spontaneity. All shapes communicating messages. Squares and rectangles suggest conformity, peacefulness, solidity, security, and equality. In Buddhist symbolism a square (earthbound) inside a circle (eternal whole) represents the relationship between the human and the divine. The motifs prepared for Room18 aim in generating serenity.

project1b 2 | Anna Gerolymatou
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Anna Gerolymatou

Anna Gerolymatou

received her early foundation in art from various school courses before pursuing courses in painting and drawing at a later age in Athens. She holds a BA in Management and Organisational Behaviour (the American College of Greece)...

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