Anna Gerolymatou

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All current interacts with the past!

I am an ardent art lover and a mixed media artist employing an experimental approach in art.

My creations are most of the time complex and retain a consistent emotional narrative that is unique, sophisticated and often mysterious.

I associate my artworks with my dreams. I like them to be nostalgic and odd and my wish is to evoke a story embedded in memory or immersed in thoughts. I like testing new ideas and new materials, by experimenting with many different art mediums.

My basic aim is to give a link of sensuous dreamy scenes and offer the viewer an image of relaxation.

I invite you to accompany me in this artistic journey!

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Mixed Media Artist

The beauty of dreams by Anna Gerolymatou

The power of an artwork lies in its ability to make us dream, travel, think and hope. It is through its colours, shapes and form that the viewer can wander wherever they would want to. It is via someone else’s imagination that we can be inspired too.

That is why artworks are important assets to any room. Because they offer a gateway to another perspective. You are taken into another era, and you are offered an interior journey through space and time beyond the confines of the walls that surround them.

Each artwork lifts your mood, offers hope, motivation, and basically, stimulates conversations. Grasp the opportunity to liven your space, whatever that may be, with one of my artworks which will be more than a decorative object; it will be part of your inner self.

dino 1 2 | Anna Gerolymatou
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October 2025:

Florence XIV Biennale

In the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, I will participate at the XV Florence Biennale 2025. The Curatorial Board examined my artistic work and portfolio and expressed a favourable opinion.

The 2025 XV Florence Biennale is the major contemporary Art and Design exhibition and on the world’s leading contemporary art fairs.

The Biennale will take at the Fortezza da Basso from ... Read More

AUGUST 2022:


Tinos has been for me a perennial source of inspiration.
This majestic Greek island is a shining jewel of the Cycladic cluster in the Aegean Sea. In antiquity, it floated serenely on Homer’s waters under the resonant and evocative names of Ophiussa and Hydroessa.
My personal journey as an artist started there, by coincidentally noticing a vintage photo thrown on the floor of a photo ... Read More